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Drivers of vehicles over 3.5 tonnes (under 3.5 tonnes for ADR regulations) are responsible under the law in ways that go far beyond that of any other profession.

Employers also have legally enforceable responsibilities for the training and actions of their drivers. Understanding and implementing the law is a joint responsibility and failure to do either could result in prosecution in court or the suspension/loss of the Operators Licence at a Public Enquiry.

Logistics is the management of goods from their point of orgin to their destination. The efficient movement of goods within the UK is crucial to the country's economy.


  • LEVEL 2
  • Certificate in Warehousing and Storage (Coming)
  • Certificate in Driving Good Vehicles (Coming)
  • First Aid & Actions in an Emergency (Coming)
  • LEVEL 3
  • Diploma in Warehousing and Storage (Coming)
  • Diploma in Driving Goods Vehicles (Coming)
  • Driver CPC - Emergency First Aid (Coming)
  • Driver CPC - Manual Handling & Preventing Physical Risk (Coming)
  • Driver CPC - The Road to Fuel Efficiency (Coming)
  • Driver CPC - Tachograph & Drivers Hours (Coming)
  • Driver CPC - Drive Safe, Stay Legal (Coming)
  • Driver CPC - Driver as Ambassador (Coming)
  • Driver CPC - Driver Issues Incorporating Conflict Management (Coming)
  • Driver CPC - Drive Safe Stay Legal (Coming)
  • Hazardous Awareness (Coming)
  • ADR Packages (Initial) (Coming)
  • ADR Packages (Refresher) (Coming)
  • ADR Packages & Tankers (Initial) (Coming)
  • ADR Packages & Tankers (Refresher) (Coming)